January 11, 2013

Application of a Lesson

I have written previously about a lesson God has taught me through waiting tables; it is to trust in him for my provision, not the customers or my bosses.  This lesson emerged out of the collective bitterness of the occasional bad or missing tip.  My negative feelings would rise up and I would realize that they were not God-honoring, so I had to search myself and discover the source, discover what I wasn't believing about God in that moment.

I have had many chances to practice this lesson and I am still going through.  But trusting God didn't stop at bad tips.  One day two weeks ago, at a mandatory meeting, the owner of the restaurant told us he was shutting it down because it wasn't making money.  We had a week.

God be praised, my first reaction was not anger or bitterness.  I was disappointed, but not scared.  I was not looking forward to job searching again; after more than a year of that it can get tiring.  But my heart and mind were resting on the Rock of Christ; I knew that I'd be alright.

Oh, and I had just signed a one-year lease on an apartment four days previously.  And had to acquire some basic furnishings and begin grocery shopping.

Oh, and the slowest time of year for restaurants?  Right after the holidays.  As in, now.

Oh, and we put our dog back at home down shortly after.  We'd had her since I was in early middle school.

Oh, and my God?  He's my sovereign King, my almighty Lord, and my Provider.  No worries.

Frugality, and carpeting the town with my resume, but now worries.

To those who may worry, I can afford food and rent and such during this job search, and I have Family all over the place if something does happen.  Really, God's got me.

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  1. Praise the LORD, Zach, that He sees fit to raise you up...for unless a seed falls to the ground and dies it cannot bear fruit...absolute surrender, absolute helplessness and dependence. You are in a PERFECT place to rest and be ready to receive amazing things as He uses you for His glory...looking forward to hearing what He is doing as you continue to move forward!