September 25, 2012

A Cactus For Remembrance

I moved out of my hometown yesterday.  Everything fit into my little sedan.  Didn't feel real until I got in the car.  The first song on shuffle as I drove off was this one.  A theme fitting for a departure from the Christ-loving community I had been a part of for a decade, though most significantly in the past fifteen months.

And now 'tis the Night of the First Day.  Work at the American Shakespeare Center starts tomorrow; though I'm not sure I can call any activity "work" that is followed by "at the American Shakespeare Center."  Currently working on getting a second job to appease the bank account.  A door or two opened up today... no papers were signed but words were said.  We shall see where these words lead.

I woke up today, and ran just to run.  It felt great to have the motivation to do so.  My body, however, did not share in my heart's jubilee, it's return to the contentment of old, it's homecoming; but through a few more jogs I think it can be convinced to give up it's stiff lethargic ways.

I have not yet gotten to the guitar, but I think it may happen soon.  Still living out of the boxes while some things are juggled around in the living space.  Then, music.

It just feels different to be here.  I am here because I accepted a job offer, though small, and I am living in the town.  I have a purpose that drives me here; my purpose is not elsewhere, my purpose is here.  My purpose is not to search for a purpose elsewhere.  Finally, these things are lined up.

Reading through the Pentateuch I am humbled by how long some of the patriarchs waited patiently for God's promises.  I only waited a year; some of them waited much, much longer.  It's not easy so far; I know I'll be working more hours to be making less than I did previously, but I'm so excited to tackle it all.  God was my provider through the desert that was my time in Warrenton, and I need to remember that.  He brought great people around me as I was forged in the heat.

Now, as he sets me forth in a place I can thrive again, I will not forget him.  That time in the desert fused my need for him into my core so that I cannot replace it, even when I would be tempted to by what surrounds me.  When you've walked on enough hot sand and punched enough cactuses you'll be ready for anything.