January 23, 2011

Mambo Sawa

I got a very good reminder yesterday.

I was beginning to stress out about the work I have in front of me; I'm the sound designer for a show that goes up at the end of February and classes have started up and I've got my first batch of homework to churn through. I spent some time with God and was quite productive, but I still felt the huge burden of "stuff that needs to get done."

I started to cook dinner, and that helped; we were having some friends over later and I had to get an early start. While the cooking and friends who eventually showed up helped, I was handed some real perspective by a small choir.

My friends and I went to see the Watoto Children's Choir. All I knew was that they were a children's choir from Africa; I was not expecting a beautiful worship service sprinkled with stories of great sorrow but greater hope through Jesus. I was crying at least half the time. I got in, they started singing about God and someone could have said "Suprise! Your family's here." It was wonderful.

These kids reminded me of two things: that I have been provided for materially. These kids have all lost one or both parents because of AIDS, other diseases, or war; now they live safe lives in the Watoto village with families and some of them get to tour the world singing about Jesus.

They also reminded me that both they and I have been rescued from something worse even than the situations they come from: death. Life without God. We have been brought into the love of the Father, through the Son. It's the most simple of truths, but I was not operating with it in mind earlier that day. I'm glad that they came to Williamsburg to remind me of that, while at the same time ministering to the rest of audience too.

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