May 9, 2011

Pray For Me

I have not been blogging much not for lack of experiences that I really should have shared with you all and thoughts that I wanted to get out there, but rather an unfortunate deferred interest in blogging caused by distraction. I've been wrapping up my college experience and planning to hike the Appalachian Trail, which motivates this post.

I will be "blogging" from the trail by mailing posts to my wonderful mother to post here (they should feed through automatically to Facebook as well). The purpose of my hike is ultimately to glorify God through walking it in faithfulness and making it through by his provision and touching as many people as possible along the way for the Kingdom of God. Through the blog I will let you peek into what's going on.

Several people have asked about addresses of the post offices and other locations I will be checking for mail. They are posted below. But...

The article will tell you about how to pack a package for a thru-hiker, if indeed you would like to send me a package. If you're sending a letter, no worries, it's just paper. Try to send the mail no earlier than 2 weeks before my estimated arrival times.

The article doesn't make this clear:

The address label going to a POST OFFICE should read:

Zach Armstrong
c/o General Delivery
[Town], [State] [Zip Code]

HOLD FOR AT HIKER, E.T.A. ##/## [From Chart]

The address label going to a BUSINESS should read:

Zach Armstrong
c/o [Business's Name]
[Street Address]
[Town], [State] [Zip Code]

HOLD FOR AT HIKER, E.T.A. ##/## [From Chart]


ETA (highly changeable)

Name of Location



May 22 - May 24

Three Eagles Outfitter

78 Siler RD

Franklin, NC 28734


May 31 - June 4

Bluff Mountain Outfitters

PO Box 114

Hot Springs, NC 28743-9231


June 9 – June 13

Kincora Hiking Hostel

1278 Dennis Cove RD

Hampton, TN 37658


June 22 - June 28

Pearisburg Post Office

206 N Main Street

Pearisburg, VA 24134-9998


July 12 - July 16

US211/HOME (45 min from AT)

7708 Riverside Farm Road

Marshall, VA 20115


July 25 – July 28

Boiling Springs Post Office

3 E 1st Street

Boiling Springs, PA 17007-9998


August 10 – August 12

Glenwood Post Office

958 Country RT 517

Glenwood, NJ 07417-9998


August 24 – August 26

Chesire Post Office

214 Church ST

Chesire, MA 01225-9998


September 6 – September 8

Glencliff Post Office

1385 NH Route 25

Unit 1

Glencliff, NH 03238-9998


September 23- September 25

Caratunk Post Office

172 Main St

Caratunk, ME 04925-9998

Well, I'm leaving in two days. God has really prepared me for this emotionally; I could name instances where he really moved in my heart but I'll allow those to stay private moments between myself and those who were there to listen and/or pray for me.

As I titled the post, please pray for me. I will be relying on God very much and I want to glorify him with this trip; I want to seek his Kingdom first and be changed by it all. It has been confirmed through much prayer and speaking to others that the Trail is where I'm supposed to go... it really is a stepping out on the water moment.

I am in the midst of the most uncertain point in my life so far. I have no job lined up, no grad school to go to. I have no prospects to start a family anytime soon. My family is going through a lot. I am about to embark on a five month journey through the wilderness depending upon a God whom I have never seen.

Perhaps "uncertain" is the wrong word, because I have given up my worries about it all. I can only point to God for the peace that dwells in my heart about these things... perhaps we will call these times "reliant." Yes, I am in the midst of the most reliant point in my life so far. I trust that God is going to fill all the blanks, all the questions, all the unknowns, with Himself, however that ends up manifesting itself.

When you here what happens, you must either call me crazy (Freud and Hume will help you out there), a liar, or right. If I am crazy, pity me. If I am lying, avoid me. If I am right, follow me as I follow Christ. I can in no way promise to be perfect, but I can promise to follow the perfect.

And in two days I will be following Him from Springer Mountain to Mount Katahdin.


  1. What an amazing journey and an amazing testimony to go with it. I hereby make the commitment to include you in my prayers on a daily basis. May the Lord usher you through this journey in sweet fellowship with Him, perfect provision, supernatural safety and unparalleled peace! May He strengthen your legs, gird the muscles in your back, protect and preserve your feet and nourish your soul. May you sleep soundly, pray diligently, allow the Lord to examine and refine your heart and plead with Him to stretch you and sustain you in all things. May you be a beacon of light to those you encounter, a shelter to those who need protection and a provider out of the abundance God blesses you with. May manna rain down upon you but only enough to remind you that God is your provider and may you drink fresh, cool water day by day. May His unsurpassed peace accompany you and inspire you in all things! Traveling mercies, my friend!

  2. Amen to John's post ~ we prayed for you last night and will continue to pray ~ trusting the Lord has great things ahead! To God be the GLORY through you and in you ~ and may He bless you and keep you as He sustains and stretches and molds you. We love you, Zach!!

  3. Thank you both so much! The prayers are greatly appreciated.