May 16, 2013

Change in Seasons, Part 1

Some changes.  Big ones this time.

I'm done waiting tables, done working nights, done working weekends (for now).

Just I was burning out working two jobs for 55+ hours a week over six days, I was offered a full-time position at the theater I've been working at.  Nine to five, Monday through Friday.  Oh, and a lunch break.

I used to think, as many feisty youngsters did, that a desk job would never be cool.  I never anticipated being really excited about a company's mission and being an important part of making that happen; being one of around 14 or so full time staff in the offices, it's impossible to feel useless.  Especially when the two departments you are assistant two only have you as the second employee in each.

As the weight of this change washed over me, I began to realize how much time I would have on my hands.  One Easter Sunday night soon after, God dropped something on me like a bag of bricks:

This new schedule isn't for me.

Not that I won't enjoy it; I am seeing out-of-town friends more often and doing some things I enjoy.  The best use of this new time, though, is the Kingdom of God.

Diving into Bible study more.



Getting into Church more.

It was a heavy realization He put on me; a weighty message that I am His.

To clarify to people who haven't experienced this: it is not similar to being told to do your homework.  It is more similar to turning a corner and realizing you're home; more similar to looking up into the face of a much-missed loved one.  If you think I'm faking, let's hang out.  Ask me about it.  Watch how I react. Spend time with me.  I'm either legitimately mentally misaligned (or the best liar you know, for reasons unknown) or I'm headed down the right path.

So, I've completely given up video games.  I've given them up by degrees in the past, but now they're sworn off for good.  They connected with an addictive part of my brain that just wanted more.

I've switched back down to a dumb phone, for multiple reasons.

These adjustments saw immediate results.  I've been reading much more; praying more; working out more.  There's more momentum all around.

More of this to come.  I've got a book to read and a few drafts of posts to start.


  1. Love, Love, Love this post! Praise the LORD, Zach! How Awesome all the way around!! I cheer you on!! <3

  2. Praying for you, dear brother.