June 2, 2013


I had a revelation driving home today.

I have often looked at witnessing and being effective in the real world for Christ as something that one gets up the courage to do in the moment.  The M.O. is to hope you can muster up enough courage in the moment to say the right thing that points toward Christ.  This was an incidental, unexamined viewpoint that I held.

While mustering up courage in the moment sometimes plays a part, it is not at all the central motivator for witnessing.  Preparation is.  Time with the Lord in the morning, consistently, sets one's mind on things of heaven and it is the resulting spiritual frame of reference that brings the important eternal things to the forefront of your mind and enables you to look past possibly rejection or scoffing and get out there to witness directly and by example.

I share this in hope that anyone else who has framed this incorrectly will be able to see even more value in the daily walk with God, through realizing that it really isn't about what we can do on our own power.

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