July 26, 2010

Bold Obedience

If it worked, I would tell every Christian looking to get closer to God to "just do it;" to get in the Word, pray, and worship every day. I know, however, how useless that is to tell most people because it only ends up frustrating them that they're not doing those things and it starts to put a focus on the works and not the faith.

Today, I thought of a great thing to encourage people to do that's simple: whenever your pastor gives you a challenge (some will call it "homework") to do that week, do it. If they're a true child of God, it'll be something good that will actually benefit you to do. The thought to encourage people to do this came to me today after the service I attended: the man preaching (he was a guest speaker) encouraged us to memorize Psalm 23 that week, because it has only 6 verses (one per day starting Monday). My first thought was "I already memorize scripture, so I don't have to do that." Then I was immediately corrected by the Holy Spirit and reminded that the preacher didn't leave any excuses for us not to do it, no matter what habits we've developed (and perhaps let pride creep into).

Thus, my exhortation: do what your pastor challenges you to do. I have never made a habit of it up to this point, but when I think about it... why haven't I? There's no good reason not to! If a man or woman of God exhorts you to do something (and it probably won't be too complicated) then it's sure to be completely worth your while. I'll be memorizing Psalm 23 this week. Not that these works in themselves bring us closer to God, but He (because of his power and goodness) commands us to be obedient and rewards it.

Be bold and step out in obedience!

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