November 8, 2012

A Train of Thought, Beginning with Reactions to the Election

I have been trying to make sense of something.  Not the election results.  I don't feel the fear, dread or sadness that many (both Christian and the politically conservative) seem to, and at first I was averse to the comments and posts I saw by Christians who were doing the modern Facebook version of "putting on sackcloth and ashes."  I was averse because I see no reason to worry, even though President Obama and I differ quite a bit politically and several laws were passed that I wouldn't have voted for; and it seemed to me that people were discounting God's sovereignty in this situation.

And as I reflected even more, I realized that many of these people may be right in mourning for the lost and those whose lives will be further drawn away from Christ; but if God calls whom He will and is the Initiator (that line up with Calvin's and Arminian's view on predestination, by the way) is there really any Earthly influence that can even get close to wrecking someone's life whom God is going to call out?  No.

Still, there is something to be said for having a heart for the lost; that is indeed an important thing to have.  I just hope that some of the political comments came from hearts which were focused on this.

Now to my feelings.

Not worried.

Yes, things may "deteriorate."  In one sense of the word; that is, politically and economically.  Maybe.  If Conservative are right and times get tougher because of what Obama's doing, we'll deal with it.  If Obama does fix the country up a bit, I won't complain.  The bottom line is that nothing passes through God's hands without His letting it; He is able to use everything to His purposes, because nothing happens that He did not know about/plan/let happen (it's difficult to pick proper theological phrasing in this situation).

So what if Christians do become a disliked minority, and even my above referencing to certain recently passed laws gets to be viewed as "hateful propaganda?"  What if these stirring of "freedom of worship" and other limits on faith turn into serious concerns for USA Christians?  Oh no, that would just be so terrible!

The apostles left the Sanhedrin, rejoicing that they had been counted worthy of suffering disgrace for the Lord. [Acts 5:41]

Whoops, just got interrupted by the Bible.  The living Word of God does that sometimes.

If we are to mimic the apostles of Jesus, what are we going to do if it all hits the fan?


In a strange way I look forward to that.  I realize that things will be tougher; there will be pain and separation, perhaps beyond what I could even consider possible at the moment.  But it will drive us together as a community of Christ and push us towards a radical walk with Him that is forged in the fire.  Just as the apostles, William Tynsdale, Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Jim Elliot did.  And so many more.

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