November 11, 2012

Second Dose of (Another) Good Lesson

I had another paradigm shift during a sermon I was listening to in the car several months ago.  The sermon was by John Piper and it was regarding a theology of singleness; a look through the Bible at what it says about being unmarried.  As is a pattern with Dr. Piper, God used his ministry to bring some truths to bear that I needed to hear.  The short of his point is that marriage is a temporary institution, in the sense that it is an Earthly one.  Please check out the sermon (all the way at the bottom) to hear the point fleshed out and found in the Word.

I was reminded of this in a very powerful way by a short mini-documentary about the experiences of a young married couple whose names are Ian and Larissa.  It gave me a second dose of the perspective originally obtain several months ago that had worn off a bit once I made the move to Staunton.  I want to share this with you all, as it is an important point.  The documentary is below, followed by the sermon.

Ian & Larissa:

The sermon that God used to provide a shift in perspective for me:

Need the audio or text instead?  Click here.

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